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Fostering human rights awareness in higher education and other educational sectors through true e-stories.


The EU emphasizes prevention and combating racism, xenophobia, and other forms of intolerance as well as awareness and promotion of human rights and shared values through its policies and initiatives. However, even though these values and rights are self-evident, modern societies are still struggling with different kinds of human rights violations, especially connected to migration, among them trafficking of human beings, work exploitation, unofficial migration routes leading to undocumented migrants not being able to have the benefits of official citizens and unfair trade. At the same time, within higher education, these different topics and how they touch people’s everyday life and working conditions are not necessarily widely discussed or systematically included in the varied curricula of different partner universities and in Europe in general.


The goal of the JeS project is two-fold:

  • fostering human rights awareness through the creation of an open, shared online learning environment and platform for higher education and other educational sectors based on e-stories, research, materials, courses and workshops;
  • providing a platform to share the personal experiences of people who have had their human rights challenged or work to support them.


  • Creating an open online learning environment for promoting eStories and human rights knowledge and awareness.
  • Implementation of a joint research about the JeS project themes.
  • Collecting and sharing real-life e-stories related to JeS project themes in student and NGO workshops and courses.
  • Implementation of a Training for teachers and educators.
  • Fostering human rights awareness promotion and human rights violation detection and prevention.


  • JeS e-learning platform
  • Collection of e-stories around human rights
  • Toolkit and training for teachers and educators


  • Increased awareness on human rights issues in higher education and other educational sectors.
  • First-hand knowledge on human rights challenges through e-stories (at least 30 e-stories included in database).
  • 20 teachers and educators per country provided with the materials to foster knowledge on these topics.


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JeS – Joint eStories: Journeys from Fear to Fair

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31/12/2022 – 30/12/2025

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Erasmus+ KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education



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