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  • To enhance and strengthen the participation of newly arrived TCN children in education and to contribute to the combatting of discrimination against TCN children in the educational environment
  • To raise participation in education and the rate of attainment of (high) school-leaving certificates among TCN children to enable them to achieve personal independence and active participation in society
  • To enhance the competencies of teachers, school heads and staff to work in increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse environments
  • To enhance the knowledge of TCN pupils and their parents on the educations system of the hosting country
  • To foster the exchange of experience and good practices on the successful integration of TCN children in education and promote comprehensive educational support model(s)
  • To raise public awareness on the role of education in promoting inclusive societies, valuing diversity


  • Desk research and focus groups on the state of art and good practices for the inclusion of TCN students
  • A mentorship programme for TCN students
  • Workshops for teachers and school staff on the development of intercultural environments
  • Development of e-learning modules for teachers, school staff and mentors
  • The organisation of encounters among teachers and parents of TCN students


  • Transnational report on policies and practices regarding the inclusion of TCN children in
  • Educational Support Model
  • Mentor’s Guide
  • Multilingual information booklet on the education system for TCN students and their families
  • Guide on developing and implementing diversity school policies and action plans
  • Policy brief on mainstreaming the educational support model for TCN children


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

02/01/2018 – 01/01/2020

DG of reference

DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) – Integration of third-country nationals




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