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  • To increase the level of labour market inclusiveness of the migrant population in the city of Palermo, by innovating the services for employability and encouraging dynamic synergies between workforce demand and supply that goes beyond stereotypes while contrasting migrant workers’ exploitation.
  • To strengthen the employability of the migrant population in the counselling, education, and child education sectors, by valorizing the communication and creativity skills needed for this fast growing sector.
  • To create a community-based welfare system involving stakeholders coming from the public sector, the profit and non-for-profit private sector and migrant communities to innovate the job counselling services offered to the migrant population, contrasting labour market exploitation and increasing their employability in innovative productive sectors.
  • To support the dream of a group of young creative migrants and help them start-up a social enterprise in the field of early childhood education.


  • Setting up of a counselling service offered in different areas of the city of Palermo, training and hiring of a group of young migrants as Per to Peer facilitators
  • Setting-up of the social enterprise “GIOCHERENDA”
  • Provision of internship opportunities and supported pathways towards the early childhood education sector
  • Organisation of an awareness raising campaign targeting potential employers and entreprises to raise their motivation and willingness to employ and consequently support the social and labour market inclusion of the migrant population.


  • Increased employability of the migrant population and of the number of young migrants who will find a job or will start up their own economically sustainable, profit-making enterprise.
  • Increased level of employability of unaccompanied minors and of young women and girls who escaped trafficking and exploitation
  • The boys and girls of the association GIOCHERENDA will start-up their economically sustainable social enterprise aiming at producing and selling artisanal toys and offering educational services.


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14/09/2018 – 16/06/2021

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