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  • To develop an “enterprise culture” of the migrants, through training paths and work experience in the companies of Libera Terra, and of the company Libera Terra Mediterraneo, realities that manage field confiscated from organized crime

Specific Objectives:

  • Creation of profiles that are not widely available in common professional courses and that are directed to specific segments of the labour market in need of highly specialized technicians that do not require a university education
  • Development of the sense of responsibility, independence, personal initiative
  • Motivation to work through the awareness of the importance of learning content acquired in work experiences
  • Positive attitude towards taking action, developing personal career plans and the concrete control during work experiences
  • Ability to evaluate economic, social and professional opportunities
  • Dealing with the problems related to the fight against organized crime


  • Training, orientation and literacy activities
  • Educational and vocational training
  • Work Experiences and sharing of job placement and support for the creation of self-employed or employee positions


  • Research-Action: analysis of migration and the data about housing problems of the migrants within each district of the city of Palermo
  • 19 migrants, motivated, unemployed and living in the Sicilian region are trained for a total duration of 500 hours
  • 1-year practical work experience in the cooperatives of Libera Terra Mediterraneo


  • Coordinator: Santa Chiara Association (Italy)
  • International Cultural Centre Ubuntu (Italy)
  • LIBERA – associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le Mafie (Italy)

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ESF, Region of Sicily, Objective Convergence h2-2013




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