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To raise awareness about the importance of history education for migrant people in order to gain insights into their country of residence’s past thus fostering an understanding of it and promoting participation in its society.


History Box will research impactful moments and processes in the history of the countries of participating partners and convert them into a “box” of bite-sized history micro-learning units that can be easily included into integration courses, language courses and other educational offers for newly arrived refugees and migrants. Raising awareness and educating educators and other stakeholders on the importance and benefits of learning history for a full understanding of today’s society.


  • Enabling educators working with and for migrant people to share historical knowledge of the country of arrival, thus fostering understanding and participation in its society;
  • Raising awareness among adult educators, immigrants and other stakeholders about the importance and benefits of learning history for a full understanding of today’s reality.


  • Production of national reports, providing an overview of the role of history education in existing inclusion courses and programmes;
  • Organisation of two transnational workshops to reflect with educators and trainers on how to include history learning in their courses;
  • Creation of the History Box Policy Paper summarising the main findings of the national reports and guidelines;
  • Design workshops with local historical experts;
  • Drafting of the “History Box”, i.e. training material including 10 micro learning lessons that can be included in language and training courses for migrants;
  • Creation of the History Box Training Hub, an innovative platform to offer the developed learning units of the History Box in an accessible and user-friendly way.


  • National reports;
  • Guidelines for the inclusion of history education in existing inclusion courses;
  • History Box Policy Paper giving an overview of the importance of history education in the integration process.
  • History Box Training Material consisting of teaching and learning materials such as handouts, short presentations, selfreflection tools, videos, simulations and guided discussions as well as small practical physical exercises for the seminar room;
  • History Box Training Hub making the History Box Policy Paper, Learning Units and additional resources available to all stakeholders.


  • Adult educators and trainers skilled in teaching history in their inclusion courses;
  • Increased opportunities for migrant people to fully understand the culture and society of the country of arrival increasing the opportunity to be included in it.


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History Box

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01/11/2022 – 31/10/2024

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DG EAC, KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education



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