I giovani parlano con l’Europa


  • To value local cultures and traditions by promoting dialogue between cultural and religious identities
  • To disseminate new technologies in employment, social and cultural fields
  • To promote European citizenship and knowledge of opportunities and tools offered by the European Union
  • To bring together young autochthones and migrants to share and exchange experiences, opinions, values, sense of citizenship
  • To foster intercultural dialogue and enhance Europe’s commonalities and diversity, with particular emphasis on promoting dialogue and social inclusion of young people while joining political action
  • To develop a sharing platform to network initiatives promoted by local youth associations and European organisations for a sustainable development of European citizenship
  • To activate “Mobile Information Windows” providing young people with information about the platform, initiatives and opportunities promoted by the European Union
  • To encourage active participation of migrant communities


  • Web platform on European citizenship
  • Comic production about the history of European citizenship
  • Photo exhibition and documentary videos on the promotion of European citizenship
  • Structured meetings with migrant communities to enhance cultures and traditions


  • Creation of a web platform on European Citizenship dedicated to local youth initiatives, promoted by the European Union and the project itself
  • Activation of two ” Mobile Information Windows” dedicated to young locals and migrant communities
  • Workshops on European Citizenship
  • Photo Contest and Short Film productions on European Citizenship promotion
  • Educational actions, group works, seminars on the Citizen-status within the European Union
  • Final event “European Citizens Day”


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Date of project

08/02/2017 – 08/02/2019

DG of reference

Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Youth and National Civil Service

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