GOVERN – Fostering autonomy and accountability: Development of State-of-the-Art HE Management System for efficient changes in line with Bologna principles


  • To build on the capacity of administrative staff for managing system changes efficiently
  • To revise the legal (system level) and regulatory (HEI level) frameworks in line with Bologna action lines
  • To establish the state-of-the-art university management system through overhaul of approaches to system changes: strategic, financial and human resource management
  • To introduce working approaches to student-centered educational provisions: ECTS and academic programme management to assure quality and promote student mobility


  • Building on capacity of top and middle level administration to enable Bologna action lines implementation
  • Creating a State-of-the-art management system based on new approaches to strategic and structural management, budget allocation, human resource management
  • Selecting indicators and criteria for academic programme and student mobility operationalization
  • Introducing new approaches to managing academic programmes and office of academic affairs and registrar (installation of student portal and student affairs information management system)

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01/12/13 – 30/11/17

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