Gen Y/Z SCOODLE – Second Chance On-Line Opportunities for the Development of Learning for Engagement

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  • Improve the recognition of professional competences of Young Tutors that operate in the field of Second Chance Education (SCE)
  • Support the capacity and competence building of young professionals that work with marginalized youths.


  • Research on the needs and competences of SCE Tutors.
  • Development of a Competence Framework for Young SCE Tutors and the related training material.
  • Creation of transnational working groups composed of members of the partnership and Adult SCE Trainers.
  • Creation of local networks of young professionals.
  • Adaptation of the training material to the local contexts.
  • Practical, on-the-job, training for aspiring Young SCE Tutors, adapted to the local context.


  • Youth SCE Tutor professional Competence Framework and Accreditation Scheme – for the professional recognition and accreditation of Young SCE Tutors.
  • Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Development Courseware – training material for the development of competences of Young SCE Tutors in line with the Competence Framework.
  • SCE Training – personalized courses, adapted to the local contexts, for the development of Young SCE Tutors’ competences.
  • Toolbox – video-guide for Young SCE Tutors on the tools developed, adapted and tested in the local contexts, useful to guide the adaptation of the resources in other contexts.


  • Increase and quality improvement of competence frameworks and training materials available for young SCE professionals.
  • Improvement of competences and accreditation of 20 Young SCE Tutors.
  • Support to the educational reintegration of 40 marginalized youths.


The project

Date of the project

15/02/2021 – 14/02/2023

DG of reference

Erasmus + KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.




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