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  • To promote the integration of Third Country Nationals in the Member States of the EU
  • To build a bridge between local and migrant communities and to teach tolerance and mutual respect
  • To enhance the public perception of migration, diversity and cultural richness
  • To promote better intercultural dialogue
  • To create a sustainable project for school education to provide measures to combat racism, xenophobia, stereotypes and prejudices in the long term by confronting teenagers with topics like migration, integration and diversity


Development in each partner country of:

  • 3 Eye-catchers, poster and flyers to inform and sensitize the communities and to enhance the public perception of migration
  • A Path of Diversity: with 5 different stations made with the help of the student, installed in public places for a least two months, that showcase different cultures and ethnic group feeling the cultural differences in an interactive and sensuous way
  • A Curricula for the school: instructional strategies and resource materials for school education
  • A School project week: students and teachers will be involved in workshops, seminars, circle time, projection of films, meetings with representative groups of migrant communities



  • Coordinator: Verein Multikulturell (Austria)
  • International Education Information Exchange e. V. (Germany)
  • Soros International House (Lithuania)
  • Organisation of Iberoamerican States (Spain)
  • European Multicultural Foundation (United Kingdom)

Il progetto

Feel it! – Feel the difference

Numero di progetto

Data di attuazione

30/06/2012 – 30/12/2013

Istituzione Finanziatrice

Directorate-General Home Affairs – Directorate B: Immigration and Asylum



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