EVERMORE – Enable, Empower, Engage Third Country National Women to enhance professional opportunities


  • To empower and support TCN women in being fully integrated in the EU labour market;
  • To create mentoring and empowering relations between the host society and TCN women at national and international level;
  • To foster TCN women’s skill assessment with tailor-made methodology and analyzing the real needs of the beneficiary.


  • Assessment Methodology for TCN women;
  • Mentoring and Empowerment programme for mentors and TCN women;
  • Empowerment Activity Book;
  • Gamified Online Learning Platform.


  • Development of assessment methodology and tools to train the TCN women for being competitive in the labour market;
  • Creation of a mentoring programme to facilitate the relation between locals and migrant women;
  • Collection of good practice and successful stories to motivate and spread positive attitude among TCN women;
  • Development of a tailor-made programme to support migrant women in building competitive skills and competences.


  • Enhanced TCN women empowerment through professional opportunities and facilitating the access to the EU labour market;
  • Established networks at national and transnational level to connect the host societies with the migrant communities;
  • Fostered the process of skills assessment of TCN women using tailor-made approaches;
  • Enhanced awareness at least 140 representatives of stakeholders, institutional actors, NGOs and migrant communities and associations about project good practices.

Info & contacts

Date of the project

01/10/2019 – 30/09/2021

Department and Units


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