ENCHASE – Enhancing Albanian System of Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Application of the Process and Outcome-based Methodology


  • To develop a national framework for quality assurance
  • To build on the capacity of relevant actors in HEIs, PAAHE and MoES to manage a process- and outcome-based approach to quality assurance and self-assessment processes
  • To enhance the external and internal quality assurance systems drawing on the process- and outcome-based approach
  • To promote student and academic staff involvement in university self-assessment
  • To promote an active dialogue between the stakeholders bringing in shared values on which to build the QA system


  • Learning Material en | Alignment of the Albanian Higher Education System with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)
  • Approaches to internal QA aligned with the external QA approaches promulgated by the PAAHE and are in line with the European Standard Guidelines (ESG)
  • Enhanced internal QA system at HEIs drawing on the process and outcome-based approach
  • A strong background for a tradition of an informed and productive involvement of students


  • Training relevant actors in HEIs, PAAHE and MoES
  • Refined HEI internal quality assurance frameworks
  • Enhancement of internal quality assurance units
  • Pilot self-assessment by the HEIs
  • Site-visit by external peer review panels, report


  • Coordinator: University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany)
  • Quality Assurance Netherlands Universities (Netherlands)
  • Université du Maine – Le Mans Le Mans (France)
  • Vysoká škola manažerské informatiky a ekonomiky (Czech Republic)
  • American University of Tirana (Albania)
  • European University of Tirana (Albania)
  • Fan S. Noli University (Albania)
  • The Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës (Albania)
  • University “Pavaresia” Vlore (Albania)
  • Aleksander Xhuvani University (Albania)
  • Public Agency for Higher Education Accreditation (Albania)
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Albania (Albania)

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01/12/13 – 30/11/16

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