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  • To empower young people to challenge extremist narratives they experience in their daily lives.
  • To provide young people with media literacy skills and software tools to investigate online sources of information and think more critically
  • To enable young people to develop counter-narrative campaigns to challenge hate speech and extremist rhetoric online
  • To encourage young people to non-violently address their political grievances through policy-advocacy.


  • Development of campaign tutorial videos, interactive online guides and infographics to counteract different forms of radicalisation
  • Collection of documented and inspirational case studies on youth challenging extremism and successful youth-led change
  • Development of the project online resource hub and of a user-friendly web plug-in enabling the general public to easily verify the sources and truthfulness of the information (articles, news, posts) found on the Internet
  • Organisation of 8 bootcamps to train and help young people develop relevant and successful online campaigns to counter radicalisation
  • Organisation of the “Our Future: Europe” European youth forum, gathering youth participants with youth workers, RAN and European Commission representatives as well as other relevant stakeholders & interest groups.


  • Online and Offline Informative Material and Tutorial Guides on early signs, characteristics and ways to counter radicalisation to inform young people and equip them to challenge extremist narratives.
  • 8 bootcamps organised in Romania, Hungary, Poland and Italy  to train at least 20 young people aged 16 – 25 and 2 schools to co-develop 4 Campaign Service Lines (CSLs) on (1) Challenging Extremism; (2) Recognising Extremism Online; (3) Challenging Polarisation & Extremism Online and (4) Civic Engagement Action.
  • User-friendly web plug-in for fact-checking to enable young people and the general public to check information veracity and sources.
  • 2000 Young people will feel encouraged and entitled to engage in policy-advocacy in their communities and document their experiences thanks to the documented case studies, tutorial videos and infographics on successful youth-led change.


Il progetto

D.O.B.T – Do One Brave Thing

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15/01/2019 – 14/05/2021

Istituzione Finanziatrice

Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs – Internal Security Fund Police (ISF-P), Civil Society Empowerment Programme (CSEP)


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