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  • To promote the needs and advantages of digital pedagogies in integration and educational programs;
  • To develop an innovative high-quality and inclusive program based on existing digital tools that focuses on individuals’ specific needs;
  • To enhance trainers/advisers’ digital competences and competences in designing and implementing tailor-made courses for migrant with special needs;
  • To improve social inclusion of migrants with special needs.


  • Desk and field research and analysis;
  • Designing of 5 sample courses;
  • Development of an interactive platform;
  • Development of tutorials for designing of inclusive programs;
  • Development of a Guidebook for transferability to other service sectors.


  • Compilation of research on programs for migrants with special needs across the partner countries
  • Designing of 5 sample courses which integrate digital practices into tailor-made courses for integration services
  • Development of an Interactive platform to give access to research, sample courses, tutorials, guidebook and to share experiences and knowledge to provide a multi-faceted perspective for users
  • Development of interactive tutorials to coach trainers/advisers in designing and executing tailor-made courses to support high-quality learning/counseling programs and increase participation levels, also including a badge system to denote participants’ results and mastery of acquired digital skills
  • Development of a digital and interactive guidebook on the transferability of the digital pathways to other service sectors outside of adult education.
  • Newsletters


  • Gained new perspectives about integration programs with special focus on language acquisition activities and counseling services for migrants with special needs,
  • Improved digital competences for trainers/advisers and migrants with special needs;
  • Developed Innovative digital pathways that promote digital pedagogy to facilitate higher levels of participation from migrants with special needs, thus strengthened employability and increased social inclusion;
  • Enhanced trainers/advisers’ competences in designing and implementing courses in support to high-quality learning and counseling programs for migrants with special needs.


Il progetto

Digital Practices for Inclusive Programs

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01/12/2020 – 31/03/2023

Istituzione Finanziatrice

EAC, Agenzia Nazionale (Germania), Erasmus+ Azione Chiave 2 (KA2) Partenariati Strategici per l’educazione degli adulti



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