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  • Create an open and free training for professionals working with migrants on diversity, inclusion, citizenship and empowerment.
  • Encourage the development of social, civic and intercultural skills of professionals for a better understanding and knowledge of cultural diversity and to facilitate social inclusion without violence or discrimination.
  • Equip professionals who work with migrants with open and innovative practices and methods, rooted in the digital age, to better understand and value the cultural diversity of their public and to acquire the necessary skills to better promote their integration.
  • Renew the considerations on migrants and in particular regarding living together, intercultural dialogue among diversity, languages and Europe.


  • DICE Training for professionals working with migrants based on social, civic and intercultural competences, including democratic values, related to fundamental rights, inclusion, fight against discrimination and European citizenship.
  • Dice e-learning platform: a MOOC (Open Educational Resource) containing interactive tools for migrants and professionals working with them accompanied by a technical guide to ensure the acquisition of basic and technical skills in terms of use and populating of the platform for the professionals.
  • Feasibility guide and impact report on the methods of recognition and validation of integration skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning.
  • Awareness campaign promoting diversity, social cohesion and the necessity to take action in order to favour migrants’ integration and active participation among the general public.


  • Learning activity for partners and migrants on the concepts of Diversity, Inclusion, European Citizenship and Empowerment so that they are included in the development of the training content and can adapt it to their specific needs.
  • Local workshops in each country to convey the training content to professionals and then to test it.
  • Learning activity for the professionals who will be involved in the testing phases of the MOOC and e-learning platform to provide them with detailed information on the methods of validation and recognition of skills and to ensure their correct use.
  • Local tests of the MOOC and the e-learning platform in each country with professionals on migrants gathering feedback from migrants, professionals and partners.


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

01/10/2018 – 30/09/2020

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+, Key Action 2: Co-operation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices – Strategic Partnership for vocational education and training.




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