BBChina – Master Programme on Bio-Based Circular Economy: From Fields to Bioenergy, Biofuel and Bioproducts in China

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  • Establishment of an International Master Course on Biobased Economy (Biomass to Energy and Bioproducts) Curricula in Chinese HEIs, which implementation will be supported by innovative teaching and e-learning tools.
  • Strengthening of interactions and networking between HEIs, industry and institutions in China.
  • Promotion of internationalisation and entrepreneurship actions in Chinese HEIs.


  • Education and training needs assessment in Partner Country.
  • Chinese academic staff mobility to EU HEIs aiming to upgrade specific professional knowledge and skills for newly developed course through the participation in lectures, carrying out test in laboratories, visiting test fields and power plants.
  • Development of syllabus based on EU partners’ best practises and SWOT Chinese of HEIs.
  • Development of e – learning platform and courses for online studies in Chinese HEIs.
  • Implementation of an international online Master Course on Biobased Economy in Chinese HEIs.
  • Students’ mobility to EU HEIs aiming to gain international learning experiences in multidisciplinary contents.
  • Train the trainer workshop for Chinese academic staff in Sicily to develop trainer’s skills in the field of entrepreneurship.


  • Online course and learning material developed in cooperation with EU partners and EU HE system’s principles for future master students.
  • Upgraded professional and soft skills of academic staff and students involved in testing phase of the course.
  • 45 graduates in Biobased Economy for Chinese Labour Market.
  • University – Business network with more than 28 internships available in private sector.
  • Trained academic staff in entrepreneurial thinking for further students’ couching, and innovative, user friendly learning material about soft skills development for students.


The project

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15/10/2017 – 14/10/2020

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Capacity Building in the field of higher education



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