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  • To promote intercultural exchanges between volunteers and local community, facilitating intercultural dialogue and the abolishment of stereotypes.
  • To facilitate each volunteer’s personal and professional development through the acquisition of new skills and experiences.
  • To create new educational tools and learning methods developing behavioural and social competencies of the target group, pursuing a social inclusion of the people in centres at local level.
  • To promote community development active participation and the concept of citizenship through the presence of EVS volunteers at both EU and local level towards the 2011 European Year of Volunteering goals.


  • Host 24 European volunteers coming from Austria, Spain, France, Hungary.
  • Working in the local centres and taking care of disabled in order to generate a relationship of trust with them and to acquire vocational competences.
  • Organize artistic performances, artistic events and competitions using sports as a moment of social integration and to develop their hidden potentialities, develop motor and social skills, sensitize the local community.
  • Organize artistic performances such as expositions and theatre performances, develop psychical potentialities, stimulate creativity, express different perceptions and sensitize local community.
  • Implement outdoor activities and participate in CESIE activities: active participation in intercultural events.


  • Video about volunteering created by all volunteers themselves.


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • Arbeiterkammer Tirol (Austria)
  • Fekete Sereg Ifjúsági Egyesület (Hungary)
  • Solidarités Jeunesses (France)
  • AIPC Pandora (Spain)

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

01/04/2014 - 31/03/2016

DG of reference

DG EAC, Youth in Action Programme – Action 2 – European Voluntary Service




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