3STEPS – Fostering Education and Inclusion of disadvantages refugee and migrant learners

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The 3STEPS project intends to increase the chances of migrants and refugees to remain within the educational and vocational system of their host country by providing them basic skills as well as a stable grounding for further personal achievements.


Migrants and refugees belong to the most disadvantaged groups within the educational systems of the European Union, since childhood they often don’t have the same chances of personal development due to language barriers, lack of support and and less opportunities to access classes caused by competence based exam or residence permit as prerequisites for enrolment. In the Paris Declaration of 2015, European Ministers of Education have re-announced their commitment for an inclusive education as an important door opener of social inclusion, therefore migrants and refugees shall be helped to ensure their full participation in society, good education and transition to the labour market.


  • Implement 2 good practices: ‘Basic Education Classes’ and ‘Tandem Now’ to be introduced to partners countries’ educational systems
  • Provide classes on literacy, numeracy, language and digital skills for young migrants and refugees (15-25 years old)
  • Implement the ‘Ethnic Role Model Mentors’ (part of ‘Tandem Now’) to develop social and professional skills based on ‘Basic Education Classes’
  • Implement a ‘Blended Mentoring Approach’ and set regional pools of mentors


  • Desk research and need analysis for qualitative and inclusive education of migrants and refugees (national adaptation needs for implementation of the 2 best practices)
  • Blended Training for teachers and trainers on intercultural competence, training attitude, how to work with the target group, identify mentors, prepare and match them; foster inclusion and shared values
  • Blended Training for Mentors on the above-mentioned topics
  • Draft a handbook for teachers and trainers; and another one for mentors’ curriculum



  • Provide teachers and trainers with knowledge of the 2 good practices
  • Establish regional ‘ethnic role model pools’ for migrants and refugees
  • Establish a network covering all partners’ schools, public authorities, stakeholders and decision makers
  • Introduce the outcomes of the project to the 6 country educational systems


Il progetto

3STEPS – Fostering Education and Inclusion of disadvantages refugee and migrant learners

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15/01/2020 – 15/01/2023

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DG: EACEA, Erasmus+ Programme KA3: Support for Policy Reform



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