3STEPS – Fostering Education and Inclusion of disadvantages refugee and migrant learners

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  • Implement 2 good practices: ‘Basic Education Classes’ and ‘Tandem Now’ to be introduced to partners countries’ educational systems
  • Provide classes on literacy, numeracy, language and digital skills for young migrants and refugees (15-25 years old)
  • Implement the ‘Ethnic Role Model Mentors’ (part of ‘Tandem Now’) to develop social and professional skills based on ‘Basic Education Classes’
  • Implement a ‘Blended Mentoring Approach’ and set regional pools of mentors


  • Desk research and need analysis for qualitative and inclusive education of migrants and refugees (national adaptation needs for implementation of the 2 best practices)
  • Blended Training for teachers and trainers on intercultural competence, training attitude, how to work with the target group, identify mentors, prepare and match them; foster inclusion and shared values
  • Blended Training for Mentors on the above-mentioned topics
  • Draft a handbook for teachers and trainers; and another one for mentors’ curriculum


  • Teachers &Trainers /Mentors Training Development + Curriculum
  • Youth Training Development + Curriculum
  • European networking building, a Policy Brief on standard of social inclusion, plus Recommendations


  • Provide teachers and trainers with knowledge of the 2 good practices
  • Establish regional ‘ethnic role model pools’ for migrants and refugees
  • Establish a network covering all partners’ schools, public authorities, stakeholders and decision makers
  • Introduce the outcomes of the project to the 6 country educational systems


The project

Date of the project

15/01/2020 – 15/01/2023

DG of reference

DG: EACEA, Erasmus+ Programme KA3: Support for Policy Reform




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