YOUTH WORKER+: Online training courses about Erasmus+ and mobility projects!

Monday 23 March 2020

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YOUTH WORKER+: Online training courses about Erasmus+ and mobility projects!

23 March 2020News, Youth

Are you a youngster willing to work with young people? Would you like to work in the prject managment and Erasmus + sector? 

If yes, have a look and take part in one of free online training courses:

Project manager for Erasmus + projects:

  • Topic covered: general approach in project management, roles/responsibilities of a project manager, the structure of an Erasmus+ project, planning tools, risk management, dissemination and exploitation of results, follow up initiatives, stakeholders’ engagement, conflict management, monitoring and control, closing, evaluation, reports etc.


Mentor in volunteering activities

  • Topic covered: a distinction between mentorship and counselling, the aspects behind the psychology of mentorship processes, role and responsibilities of a mentor, knowledge and skills associated with the role of the mentor, planning and implementation of a mentorship session, practical approaches to common situations in mentorship etc.


Facilitator in volunteering activities

  • Topic covered: differences between a facilitator and a mentor or a teacher, highlights in the history of facilitation, a facilitator’s range of competences, time and stress management, conflict and crisis management, recruitment of volunteers, timeline of facilitating, self-assessment.


Youth Exchange Leader

  • Topic covered: essential aspects of youth exchange projects, criteria for selecting leaders and participants, organisitation of an APV meeting, skills and competences needed for a group leader etc.


Training sessions: each course is divided in several modules and type of activities such as  quiz, educational materials, video presentations, games and e-books

Language: each course is available in english, Italian, Spanish and Romanian languages

Durata: 30 – 35 hours each course

Prezzo: free

Certificate: when you have fulfilled the basic requirements, you will get a course attendance certificate.


Where: You can apple by creating the user account and explore the courses here


The partnership holds together 5 organisation:

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