Why are young women at risk of marginalization in Europe?

Friday 21 April 2023

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The world’s population is growing and it is becoming increasingly important to pay attention to the future and well-being of the younger generation, especially children, who are the most vulnerable members of our society. The difficulties they may face include domestic violence, sexual abuse, poor nutrition, child labour and limited opportunities for education, information, work and leisure.

According to the report of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) “Poverty, gender and intersecting inequalities in the EU”, the gender perspective is crucial for understanding poverty.

The gender inequalities that occur in the public and private sphere indicate that the solutions to get out of poverty are different for men and women. Across the EU, women are at greater risk of poverty and young people are at greater risk of poverty than the rest of the population.

Wealthy Minds aims to increase knowledge, awareness and change attitudes about managing personal finances among girls and young women who suffer from social exclusion due to inherited poverty or its possibility.

Being able to manage their own finances is a crucial factor in improving their economic situation: therefore, we conducted a research with Wealthy Minds on the situation of young women at risk of marginalisation in the countries of the European Union, focusing on the opportunities, obstacles and needs of girls and young women in Poland, Greece and Italy. The report provides information on civil society organisations dealing with these issues, including a mapping of NGOs and other institutions engaged in the field, as well as a description of projects and initiatives aimed at the target groups in the partner countries.

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