XXI-EU-TEACH: how to prepare teachers for the 21st century

Monday 20 November 2023

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European societies are rapidly changing and we all experience a shift in the way we work, learn, and take part in society. As the pace of technological and social change is accelerating, current and future generations need to be prepared to succeed in a world that is constantly evolving.

But how can the education system and teaching profession be innovative to be able to prepare their students for the future?

It is difficult for the European school systems as well as for teachers to follow up on the rapid shift in society and the demands of the needed competences, since it is rare that new subjects and new subject matter reflecting the evolution of technology and society are introduced.

With the project XXI-EU-TEACH, 11 partners from Denmark, Finland, Italy, Romania and Spain address this gap by introducing four emerging subject matter areas in secondary school education:

  • Technological empowerment
  • Sustainable learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Playful learning

The four subject matter areas share underlying teaching approaches which are student-centred, project-based and aim to empower students as future citizens in democratic societies.

Throughout the 21st Century European Teacher project, we will experiment with these underlying teaching approaches to develop recommendations for a pedagogy for new 21st Century European Teacher subject matter.

Moreover, the 21st Century European Teachers project will establish an international network as a driver for mobility during 5 study-visits and 5 co-organized teaching events across borders.

As the final result, the partners will design, develop and try out 21st Century joint learning modules for pre- and in-service teachers and a MOOC for teachers.

To learn more about the project contact Cecilie La Monica Grus: cecilie.lamonica@cesie.org.

About the project

XXI-EU-TEACH – 21st Century European Teachers is a three-years-long project co-financed by EACEA under Erasmus+ Teacher Academies Partnership for Excellence. It promotes cross-campus collaboration to gain insight into how European teachers can approach and develop teaching in emerging 4 subject areas: Technological empowerment, Sustainable learning, Entrepreneurship, Playful learning.


For further information

Read more about XXI-EU-TEACH and visit the website https://21centuryeuteachers.eun.org/.

Contact Cecilie La Monica Grus: cecilie.lamonica@cesie.org.