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Tuesday 17 October 2023

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Muslim women in Italy are particularly vulnerable and therefore prone to attacks of intolerance, racism and xenophobia. What is more, according to numerous research studies, these attacks of intolerance, as well as hate crimes, are rarely reported or denounced to the relevant authorities.

TRUST, by breaking down barriers and stereotypes, allowed them to sit at the same technical table: law enforcement, civil society organizations and members of the Muslim community, to dialogue together and become aware of how little mutual understanding can harm the whole community. Together, the meeting participants sought to explore the stereotypes that influence each person’s view of the other. Stereotypes contribute to Muslim people’s failure to report hate crimes, but they have additional indirect effects. Because there is no such data, it is not possible to fully understand the racist phenomenon, its extent and who is first affected, such as Muslim women.

Muslim women in Italy suffer greatly from intolerance, racism and xenophobia. Precisely for this reason, technical tables have been set up in Palermo, Milan, Trento and the Trentino-Alto Adige area, which by adopting the principles of participatory dialogue aim to create an environment in which solutions can be found collectively. They also aim to facilitate dialogue between the parties, thus addressing together with representatives of law enforcement and the Muslim community the problem of underreporting and registration of hate crimes against Muslim women.

Technical tables since June have been engaged in creating specific meeting and training moments to break down stereotypes and promote dialogue. Also analyzing the needs of individual territories, a mechanism is being strengthened to facilitate the reporting and recording of discrimination and hate crimes against Muslim women.

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About the project

TRUST – Tackling Under-Reporting and Under-Recording of Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Against Muslim Women is a project funded by by Erasmus+ programme Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, CERV-2021-EQUAL.


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