Road to freedom: another leap to a new life

Tuesday 14 March 2023

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Facing the fear of not feeling able to start over is the most important challenge for people released from prison. With the Road to Freedomproject we are contributing to fill this gap. Check out the latest stages of our project supporting people in conflict with the law and seeking educational methods of reintegration.

The last few weeks have been marked by important progress that has brought us into the heart of the project. At the moment, in fact, in collaboration with the other partner organizations, we are completing a thorough research within prison settings, investigating the many aspects that compose them. Starting from the analysis of approaches to justice in partner couontries, we want to provide a critical reading of the prison context, pointing out lights and shadows, good practices to be valorized and gaps in the system. Above all, we investigated the role of education and technology in the process of reintegrating prisoners into society so as to apply, as best we can, the FROG method in this context. In addition, interviews in the field, with trainers and former inmates, will enrich the research with a change of perspective, more personal and more authentic.

The next steps were defined during the last meeting with partners, in Palermo in March 9 and 10. After the publication of the research results, it will be time for trainings with people in conflict with the law based on the FROG methodology. In the fall, in fact, training sessions will be organized, where the method proposed by the project will find its first application in these specific contexts. To accompany these phases of the project, documentaries will be made on education in prison settings and communities working on social reintegration, a way to give a face and a voice to those who live in custodial settings.

We believe that a complex problem must be addressed in synergy, with an approach that integrates knowledge and a holistic view. Above all, we believe that we must always start from the study and deep knowledge of the problems in order to address them. Road to Freedom is not the recipe, but a proposal for improvement, the FROG method can be concrete opportunities to enrich the educational proposal dedicated to those who hope for themselves a different life!

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Road To Freedom is a project co-funded by Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation Partnership in Adult Education.


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