Remembering Marie

7 February 2019News

Marie was a colourful woman and an honest soul, her eyes full of kindness and a smile always on her face.

Marie believed in many different causes, but nothing mattered more to her than people’s wellbeing. Those who met her will know how genuine and unconditional her dedication to others was. She was a unique presence, authoritative yet extremely kind at the same time. She had a natural ability to empathize with and welcome her colleagues, the most experienced ones as much as the volunteers who were about to start a new life in a country far from their homes.

If we had to chose one among her numerous qualities, it would certainly be her capacity to see in the depth of things and with a long-term perspective: She was the first to imagine CESIE as a homogeneous structure divided into different units, building on her long contribution to making this project one centred around the humankind and the importance of sharing the values of cooperation, collaboration and solidarity.

She continues to live in our memory. Her enthusiasm and energy are a legacy etched into our minds and hearts.

We would like to invite those who walked alongside her to remember her life with us, on Wednesday 13 February 2019 at Arci Tavola Tonda at 6:30 pm.

The evening will see the musical contribution of the Trizzi Ri Donna band, with Ambra Cannavò, Barbara Crescimanno, Viviana Di Bella, Francesca Di Miceli, Livia Giaffreda, Irene Giliberti, Francesca Nocera e Roberta Scelta. They will help us become active participants of an evening of storytelling, vocal experimentation and percussions.

Remembrance is a form of meeting.

Kahlil Gibran, Sand and Foam

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