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Monday 5 December 2022

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In November and December, within the framework of the RADIX project, two events have been organized to guarantee the promotion of the RADIX platform among people working with and for migrant people.

The aim of the RADIX project is to provide better access to the job market and educational system for migrants, refugees and NEETS, and those who are disadvantaged in the labor market because they have either poor language skills or they are unable to match their current skills with jobs available in their country of arrival.

This was achieved through the creation of an online glossary wich contains a series of key phrases translated into 11 languages – the main ones spoken by immigrant people in Europe – and covering specific occupational sectors (e.g. agriculture, care, industry, etc.).

During the meetings, educators, social workers working with migrant people, language teachers and representatives of migrant organisations had the opportunity to test and evaluate the functionalities of the platform.

Professionals invited in these events shared that the opportunity to consult written and audio files it is an excellent way of learning the language of the country of arrival. In addition, they appreciated the fact that even minor languages as kurmanci and pashto have been considered in this online glossary. Furthermore, the focus on specific occupational sectors would allow them to focus on the sectoral language of the employment sector.

The online glossary can also be used via smartphone and the downloaded files can also be consulted offline.

To find out more about the project and the features of the online glossary visit the website  https://radixeu.info/.

About the project

RADIX – Putting Down the Vocational Roots is a project financed by the program Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training, and has the objective of facilitating the entry into the labor market for migrants, refugees, but also NEETs and other groups who often lack social recognition and economic participation in the local labor market. 


For further information

Read more about RADIX and visit the website https://radixeu.info/.

Contact Cristina Idone Befecadu: cristina.idonebefecadu@cesie.org