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Friday 28 April 2023

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The workshop for the NOVA project was held on 20th April at MoltiVolti, addressed to the professionals working in the cultural and creative sector, about sustainable fashion sector. The workshop, led by the sustainable fashion stylist Sara Ibrahim, graduated from the London School of Styling, presented to the participants precise data related to consumption habits in the fashion sector and presented the concept of sustainable fashion as a movement and process for promoting change of the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.

Did you know that fashion is responsible for 35% of the microplastics that end up in the seas and oceans, equivalent to around 190,000 tons of microplastics per year?

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware and demanding and are no longer satisfied with beautiful garments to wear but also want to know how these garments are produced and make sure that the methods, times and places of production do not contribute to deteriorating the environmental conditions of the planet and the working conditions of production personnel. The workshop participants brought with them some garments from their wardrobe that they no longer wear and with Sara’s help they learned how to reuse them by creating new outfits and renew their wardrobe in a sustainable way thus avoiding resorting to unnecessary purchases of new clothes.

The workshop was also an opportunity to present the project and its results. NOVA over the past 2 years has developed tools to support professionals in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) hard hit by the pandemic and contributed to the resilience of the following sectors: music, performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual arts, games and multimedia, design and fashion, artistic crafts, etc.

For artists and creatives eager to develop their sense of innovation in order to get employed, become self-employed or volunteer in the cultural and creative sector, the NOVA online platform has been developed. The platform contains 5 lessons:

  • Innovative solutions in the SCC during the Covid-19.
  • Importance of cultural awareness and expression.
  • Digitization opportunities for the SCC.
  • How to run my business in the SCC effectively.
  • How to proceed with my innovative ideas in the CCS as self-employed, employee or volunteer.

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NOVA is financed by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2, Partnership for Creativity.


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