NE(W)AVE: Online course on renewable energies concluded with excellent results

Monday 3 February 2020

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NE(W)AVE: Online course on renewable energies concluded with excellent results

3 February 2020Adult, News

During the last months, the partners of the NE(W)AVE project, designed, developed and tested the NE(W)AVE Online Course on renewable energies (OOC). The course was tested by 24 learners from Italy, Greece, Austria and Denmark between September and November 2019 and its main aim was to help all the learners interested in renewable energies learn more about this topic and update their knowledge and competences in this sector. This course is already available online in English and Italian and will be soon available in Greek, Spanish and German to those who would like to improve their technical competences and soft skills. This open online course will represent also a valuable tool for VET trainers, who will use and include it in their curricula, as an important support in their training provision.

The results reached through the OOC testing phase were the main focus of the latest transnational meeting of the project, which was hosted by EUROtraining in Athens on 14th and 15th January. Here, the partners could review the feedback collected by the learners who tested the online course and plan the next steps in order to have the OOC ready for all the other interested users in the next months.

What’s next for the NE(W)VE project?

During the next few months, the project partners will develop the E-toolkit for VET trainers and providers, a tool which will support them to increase their interest in using e-learning approach and in mobility opportunities for VET learners. This tool will be a downloadable online manual targeted at trainers and will be free to access it and use the materials. A series of local events will be organised in each country to promote and disseminate the E-Toolkit to VET trainers and other stakeholders and potential end users to support them to use it within their own Institutions.

By May 2020, the project will also develop the NE(W)AVE Policy Recommendations, whose aim is to exploit the key project results though evidence-based policy recommendations for local and regional authorities across the EU on how to integrate VET learning pathways and international work-based experiences and how  to promote collaboration between VET providers, companies and other relevant stakeholders.

All the project results will be presented to all the interested stakeholders, policy makers, public authorities, VET trainers and learners in the renewable energy sector at the NE(W)AVE Final Conference which will be in Palermo on 11th June.

About the project

NE(W)AVE is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership in the field of VET.

The project aims to create, test and implement a comprehensive learning model for the future professionals in the renewable energies.


The project partnership holds together 6 organisations:

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    NE(W)AVE- A greener, fairer and more democratic future

    NE(W)AVE- A greener, fairer and more democratic future

    At the NE(W)AVE’s final conference on 31st August, CESIE presented the project’s results and products, while key-speakers from renewable energy companies and other relevant stakeholders presented the unexplored potential of the green sector.

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