Adult learning for an equitable green transition: GEA at the EAEA Annual Conference

Friday 23 June 2023

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“How can adult learning help us build a more sustainable world in the face of crises?”

This was the central question at the EAEA Annual Conference, which took place in Zagreb, Croatia, on June 6-7, 2023, providing an opportunity for discussion among male and female students, educators, policy figures, and activists, with the goal of advocating for the adoption of effective strategies for an effective green transition.

Building on the primary role of adult learning and education in the green transition process, EAEA devoted the 2023 Annual Conference to analyzing the potential contribution of learners, educators and educators, and organizations to the green transition and the role that the policy environment plays in this process. Indeed, sustainability has become a primary issue at the international level, considering the already visible and worrying effects of climate change and the consequent urgency to intervene with more responsible behavior. Dramatic scenarios have been described by many studies showing how environmental effects will inevitably be reflected in our economic and social life. However, it is necessary to replace the current “culture of fear” with a “pedagogy of hope.”

The EAEA Conference was divided into two parallel sections:

  • “Learning in Communities,” to analyze the role of learners and learners, and their ability to make an impact in the green transition;
  • “Strategies for a Just Green Transition,” in which the political significance of the green transition was examined.

The event included panel discussions, workshops, and world cafés, which allowed for the sharing of experiences of different stakeholders and facilitated the exchange of views among participants and learners. CESIE participated in the conference, sharing its goals and motivations, which are perfectly aligned with its initiatives, such as GEA-“Growing into Eco-conscious Adults.” The project aims to raise awareness and strengthen the role of adult learning and education in the green transition. To this end, the GEA partnership will co-create a series of innovative educational resources aimed at both educators and other adults to improve their environmental awareness and provide them with the skills they need to actively contribute to the sustainable development of their community.

GEA partners are currently completing transnational research on citizen science, environmental challenges and actions, which will result in an interactive report, laying the groundwork for a tailored training program and sustainability kit.

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EAEA (The European Association for the Education of Adults) is a European NGO working on non-formal adult education in Europe.

About the project

GEA – Growing into Eco-conscious Adults is a project funded by the program Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation Partnership in Adult education.


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