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Monday 30 October 2023

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Environmental education enables individuals to understand environmental issues, encouraging them to develop and undertake responsible and sustainable actions, driving the community towards a green lifestyle.

To enable this transition, GEA project partners are currently working on the development of tailored learning and training resources addressing both adults’ educators and adult learners.

To date, GEA international consortium has been working on the creation of an interactive report, based on information collected through desk research and through the direct involvement of key target groups, i.e.: adults, adults’ educators and experts of citizen science and/or environmental initiatives.

This initial research was meant to strengthen knowledge and understanding of the state of art of environmental education in partners’ countries in relation to challenges and participation at local level. The study showed a high level of interest of adult learners to actively participate in local initiatives in favour of stronger environmental sustainability, including through the citizen science approach.

Based on these findings, the interactive report will be pivotal in the drafting of the learning outcomes of GEA e-learning programme for adults’ educators, aimed to enable participants to foster community engagement for the environment. As complexities such as time constraints, adults’ disinterest to participate in informal education, or difficulties in understanding technical terms may arise, GEA partners will analyse and work together for the development of the most suitable contents on environmental education and related methodologies and approaches to involve adults in this context.

Accordingly, educators will be trained on such topics as how to facilitate the understanding of more complex scientific concepts and how to support adults’ participation in environmental actions. The newly created learning programme will also include such specific contents as: individual actions in environmental education through citizen science, as well as how to strengthen networking to promote multi-stakeholder participation and increase the effectiveness of actions at community level. To encourage interest and engagement, practical group exercises, webinars and study visits will be carried out throughout the programme.

Adult consciousness may be fostered via awareness, knowledge, skills, and engagement, key instruments which meet the objective that GEA hopes to achieve in the development of the project.

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About the project

GEA – Growing into Eco-conscious Adults is a project funded by the program Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation Partnership in Adult education.


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