#Beactive: embracing healthy and active lifestyles for physical and mental well-being

Wednesday 23 September 2020

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The COVID-19 emergency has undeniably transformed our daily routine: we felt the need to stay active and experience creative ways to improve our health and well-being through sport and physical activity even from our homes.

However, even after the end of the national lockdowns, the alert level remains high as well as the desire to remain physically fit but also socially active in full safety.
The new measures to contain the pandemic have affected our way of using gyms and practicing outdoor sports.  If we learnt anything from Covid, it is the importance of sport and its ability to unite communities as well as helping people stay fit and well both physically and mentally. Here in Italy, we were all moved by the two sisters playing tennis on the rooftop with tennis player Roger Federer. Carola and Vittoria become a symbol of our desire to reconnect through sport.

It is time to be active by virtue of the long-term positive impact that physical activity can have on our body and mind.

For the 5th year, the European Commission promotes the European Week of Sport with the #BeActive campaign. Launched in 2015, the European Week of Sport promotes healthy and active sport and lifestyles in order to increase the physical and mental well-being of all European citizens.

Here is a roundup of our initiatives about sport headed by all our Units, a sign of our commitment and investment in the greatest value of sport: to strengthen social ties, promoting solidarity, respect and peace.


ACTIVE – innovative tools to improve the safety of our children in sports

ACTIVE aims to improve child protection policies in the field of sport. If you are a sport organisation or a stakeholder in the field of child protection contact us and you will have the opportunity to take part in an Online Workshop together with other expert in the field from all over Europe https://www.activeproject.eu/active-workshop-prevention-of-violence-against-children-in-sports-and-leisure-activities/

Also, we are creating an online self-assessment tool for sports organizations, which will be able to assess the safety level of their environments for children and adolescents in an effective and freeway. Have a look at the report and follow us on the website www.activeproject.eu

For more details, please visit: https://cesie.org/en/project/active/ or contact tiziana.fantucchio@cesie.org.

ACTIVE BUSINESSES – Comprehensive practice led survey on health and physical activity promotion in businesses

The project aims to create a comprehensive based approach to tackle the issue of health and physical activity (HEPA), using the workplace as the most promising venue of delivery. In Palermo, ACTIVE BUSINESSES has carried out a physical activity programme within different working environments in order to assess, promote and improve physical activity and healthy lifestyles and to #BeActiveatHome of more than 200 workers and stakeholders from different businesses. The partnership involves organisations from Slovenia, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Italy. The partnership is currently evaluating the results of the physical activity programme, developing recommendations and practical guidelines for the promotion of health and physical activities and organising final events in each country to disseminate the project results.

For further information, please contact Rosina Ndukwe, rosina.ndukwe@cesie.org.


ACTIVEGAMES4CHANGE – Engaging young offenders through sports and physical activity

It supports the inclusion of young offenders in society through their engagement in sport and physical activities to develop their citisenship, emotional and social e-competences in a fun way.

Partners are currently working on a comprehensive Toolbox of games & activities and an app that will be available for educators, social workers and professionals working with young offenders to test AG4C in secure and community settings in 2021. Moreover, there are spots open for educators, social workers and policy makers in the fields of Education, Sport and Juvenile Justice to participate in local events and our international networking event at the European Parliament.  If you would like to join our activities based in Palermo and Province or receive further informaiton contact Cloé Saint-Nom: cloe.saintnom@cesie.org .


ESVOL – Social innovation through sports

The main objective of the European project ESVOL is promotion of social leadership and social innovation education for sport volunteers that will lead to the creation of new business ideas in the sport-related social field. Partners from Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Italy are developing a gamified platform and a massive online open course (MOOC) and implementing trainings for sport volunteers. The platform, as well as an impact assessment report on the needs of sport volunteers regarding the development of their skills with the overview of the best practices from Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey will soon be available online.

For further information, read more about ESVOL or contact Maryna Manchenko,  maryna.manchenko@cesie.org.


GoSport – Promoting good governance in sport through social responsibility

It contributes to the improvement of good governance in sports organisations in Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Italy to combat racism, discrimination and intolerance and promote participation and inclusivity. The project will explore how social responsibility is communicated within sport organisations, and will provide tools to sports organisations and professionals for better understanding the relationships among sports organisations, their stakeholders and society, and on effectively integrating social responsibility within their governance practices.

Current activities include research across the five countries with non-profit/community sports clubs and academies, professional and semi-professional sports teams and clubs. Afterwards, the collection of findings will be analysed and compiled into an EU level report that will report on how sport organisations interpret, manage and prioritise social responsibility issues, how organizational governance influences social responsibility and how social responsibility is communicated within sports organisations.

For further information, please contact Rosina Ndukwe, rosina.ndukwe@cesie.org.


SAVE – Sport Against Violence and Exclusion

The project, nearly finished, aims at support and strengthen coaches and trainers in dealing with violence, discrimination and exclusion during team sport activities amongst children and young athletes. During SAVE, the consortium implementing the project, developed several tools such as a curriculum and a “Training Kit” as well as performing thorough research (in the initial phase of the implementation) of what violence and exclusion are and how they manifest themselves. Coaches and trainers has been educated and several sport events has been held by the consortium in support of the target group and the final beneficiaries of the project, which in the end, are the young athletes and children.

For more information please visit: www.sportsave.eu or contact Emiliano Mungiovino, emiliano.mungiovino@cesie.org.


SCORE – L’inclusione sociale di donne immigrate e rifugiate attraverso lo Sport

The SCORE project aims to a constructive dialogue between professionals working in the field of sport and migrant/refugee women, driving a change towards an inclusive system by reinforcing the idea of sport as a tool of social inclusion. The SCORE project aims also to facilitate social contact between different ethnic groups and promote sense of belonging and shared identity with local community to increase tolerance and reduce prejudices.

The partners recently delivered online questionnaires for coaches to examine their attitudes towards women’s sport participation, as well as for refugee/migrant women to identify some potential barriers against their participation in sport activities. The consortium is now drafting a collection of best practices in the field of sport as a tool for social inclusion; later on a Capacity Building Training Course for coaches will be developed to support intercultural skills for managing sport team from different culture; and migrant/refugee women will have the chance to attend several intercultural sport meetings and participate to the next European Week of Sport!

For more information please contact Luisa Zappalà, luisa.zappala@cesie.org.


YIBinS – Youth with Immigrant Background in Sport

It aims to improve the participation of young people with migrant background in sport by strengthening cross-sectoral collaboration of grassroot level stakeholders multilaterally such as municipal sport services, associations (sport clubs, other multicultural sport related associations) and educational institutions.

After a study of the sport related services available in different locations in Europe, in the next months there will be several sport initiatives for young people: basketball tournament, fun-run competition, , training on peer coaching, traineeships in sport organisations etc.

If you would like to join our activities based in Palermo or receive further informaiton contact Giuseppe La Farina: giuseppe.lafarina@cesie.org.