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Tuesday 9 July 2024

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EU+Map recognizes the crucial role of language training in empowering migrants to fully integrate into their new communities. By providing language trainers with innovative tools and methodologies, the project aims to enhance the quality of language instruction and promote successful integration outcomes for migrants.

The EU+Map consortium has launched a comprehensive “Multilingual Toolkit for Trainers” designed to support language trainers and individuals with a migration background. This innovative toolkit features an interactive learning space packed with resources and tools to enhance language training and promote positive integration experiences for migrants.

The project team meticulously developed these course prototypes through rigorous testing involving 350 migrants. Participants were encouraged to share their own positive experiences and map them onto a digital platform, creating a rich tapestry of personal narratives that serve as valuable learning resources for others.

At the heart of the toolkit lies a collection of seven ready-to-use language course prototypes specifically tailored for learners with a migration background. These courses incorporate alternative teaching methodologies that emphasize storytelling and positive experiences, fostering a more engaging and effective learning environment.

The toolkit’s interactive learning space offers a wealth of resources for both trainers and learners, including:

  • Guidelines for incorporating storytelling and positive experiences into language teaching
  • A collection of ready-to-use activities and exercises
  • A digital map showcasing positive experiences shared by migrants
  • An online forum for trainers to exchange ideas and best practices

The EU+Map project’s “Trainers’ Multilingual Toolkit” represents a significant contribution to the field of language education for migrants. By providing trainers with effective tools and methodologies, the project empowers them to deliver high-quality language instruction that fosters positive integration experiences and promotes the full participation of migrants in society.

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About the project

EU+Map – Map of Experiences across Europe is a project funded by DG EAC KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education.


For further information

Read more about EU+Map, visit the web page https://euplusmap.eu/ and follow us on Facebook.

Contact Enrico Casacchia: enrico.casacchia@cesie.org.

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