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Friday 7 October 2011

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Clarity sett2011The CLARITY: Clear Language Actions Responding with Information for migranTs in employment project was concluded on 30th September 2011. The project was integrated into the Leonardo da Vinci Vocational Programme about Promoting Safety and Road Accident Prevention Techniques for Adults.

The aim of the project was to provide immigrants with the necessary knowledge and competences to be able to give basic training in the workplace to those who don’t speak the language of the host country and whose perceptions about safety in the work environment are different from native workers.

Thanks to the results achieved in this project, it is believed there will be future work opportunities for the immigrants who participated in the course. These trainers could now be engaged within private driving schools, thus giving them a wider market segment. It can also be proposed to the Motorizzazione (government office that issues driving licenses and registers vehicles) that they engage these trainers as support for immigrants, perhaps even by using public funds to allow migrants to create cooperatives or associations, supporting the members of their own communities, and to recognize the figure of the traffic mediator.

The project developed the following results and products: the CLARITY Handbook, an exhaustive guide to creating a CLARITY training course; training material about Promoting Safety and ROAD ACCIDENT prevention techniques for FRANCOPHONE adults who live in Italy. This material has been planned, created and edited by CLARITY participants. Click here to download part of these materials.

You are invited to visit the project website where you can find CLARITY products (Multilingual), picture galleries, links and additional material.

The project, and this publication, was funded by the European Commission – DG Education and Culture, Leonardo da Vinci Programme


The Clarity partnership offers this material free of charge, and with no copyright restriction, in the hope that it will prove useful to migrants and those who try to support them. We ask only that users please reference our work when these materials are used, and please send us an acknowledgement, and ideally examples of the new uses, to Thank you!


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