An online platform for self-learning on managing diversity in sports

Tuesday 9 November 2021

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The S.CO.RE. project is an Erasmus+ – Collaborative partnership with its implementation period lasting from January 2020 to December 2021.

The aim of the project is to promote a sense of belonging and shared identity with the local community among adult migrant and refugee women enhancing their soft skills: communication, teamwork, time management, problem solving, leadership, motivation and commitment.

What is the news about the project?

SCORE partnership continues to work for the successful implementation of project activities.

Partner organisations are currently working on training sports coaches in intercultural diversity management in the field of sport. The training aims to upskill sports coaches in intercultural diversity management and to raise awareness about new strategies for active participation of local and immigrant women in sports and social life, promoting the principles of social inclusion, equality and non-discrimination.

What is coming up next?

The ultimate goal of the training for coaches is to actively involve immigrant and local women in intercultural grassroots sport meetings. Therefore, some partner organizations have already started to implement intercultural sport meetings in their contexts. Women from different countries and with different backgrounds are taking part in recreational and sport activities with the local community, fostering intercultural dialogue and active citizenship. 

Furthermore, partners’ associations will actively contribute to the implementation of the European Week of Sport through the involvement of local and refugee women in local sport events.

The S.C.O.RE webtool

Sport instructors who take part in the training courses have the opportunity to enrol themselves in the SCORE web-tool, an online platform that allows users to attend a self-learning course about diversity management in the field of sport through an effective training methodology for sports coaches developed by the partnership. The enrollment in the web tool will also give the opportunity to get in touch with other sports clubs, associations or NGOs. In fact, by subscribing to the SCORE web tool users will be able to establish synergies and fruitful collaborative relationships with representatives of sports organizations at national and European levels.

Thus, if you believe in the power of sport in supporting migrant women in their integration process, you would like to learn about ethnic and cultural issues and you are eager to forge meaningful collaborations with other athletes, coaches or sports club’s representatives contact us through the project website and enrol yourself to the web tool (

Rethinking autonomy without acronyms: reflections from the local training

Rethinking autonomy without acronyms: reflections from the local training

CIVILHOOD addressed the autonomy of young migrants, emphasizing the complexity of their experiences and the need for flexible approaches. Challenges include the difficulty in defining autonomy and the impact of the dynamics of reception on their growth and integration. The CIVILHOOD project has developed educational resources to support practitioners and volunteers in addressing these challenges.