LVIA: The Day of Intercultural Dialogue

Thursday 10 November 2011

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The Day of Intercultural Dialogue, the final stage of the project “Youth and Intercultural: one year of dialogues”, promoted by international cooperation association “LVIA” in collaboration with the Centro Studi Sereno Regis, CEM Mondialità, will be held on human rights and interculturalism November 19th from 6 pm at Santa Chiara Centre in Santa Chiara Square in Palermo. The project received funding from the Department of Youth Affairs – Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

One year of “bottom up” initiatives to color the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio and Sicily, which involved 13,000 young Italians and foreigners on the themes of identity, the encounter with the others, human rights and sustainable development. Desire for relationships, values, desire to win is what has emerged.

In Sicily, the young people were encouraged and have been activated in different territories in Palermo and Madonie animating their communities with local actions that have talked about inter-culture and human rights. The Day of Intercultural Dialogue is the final moment of this year, which will take place almost simultaneously in each of the regions involved.

The Sicilian day organized by LVIA, in collaboration with the “Vivi e Lassa Viviri” Association, “Santa Chiara” and with the support of Ce.S.Vo.P., will take place in Saturday, November 19th at Santa Chiara Centre in Santa Clara Square in Palermo with a very rich programme. Starting from 6 pm, there will be a night full of colorful music, dance, video, dialogue, respect with special guest Mario Incudine.

During the day, a collection of signatures will be organized in favor of the “I am Italy too” Campaign for the citizenship and voting rights of foreigners who live and / or were born in Italy.

Vito Restivo, LVIA contact in Sicily, explains: “We already live in a global village where you can not only care about the free movement of goods, but also about the fate and the good life of every man, whatever his or her culture, religion, geographical origin is. We are all part of the only and same human family. People we met thanks this project have been taught us to read contemporary history with the eyes clear of prejudices and the desire to build a more just and equitable world”.