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Wednesday 12 June 2024

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The SCIREARLY project is working to analyse and enhance the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in Europe, aiming to ensure that preschool-aged children receive the best learning and development opportunities from the early years of life. Our work is crucial to understand how high-quality Early Childhood Education and Care can positively influence educational outcomes in later educational stages and contribute to preventing early leaving of education and training.

In recent months, in-depth analysis has been completed to identify ECEC programs in Europe that have shown a positive impact on basic skills such as reading, mathematics, and science. Additionally, a self-assessment tool has been developed and tested with facilities working in this field in all project partner countries, allowing staff to assess the quality of their programs and identify areas for improvement.

Now, with this tool, a European-level survey has been initiated to better understand the characteristics of teaching-learning processes for Early Childhood Education and Care in different countries.

The opinions and experiences of ECEC staff are crucial at this stage of the research. If you are involved in Early Childhood Education and Care, we invite you to participate in our survey. The questionnaire will take less than 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous.

You can access the survey also in Danish, Finnish, German, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Swedish.

Participation is simple, and you can complete the survey in multiple sessions, picking up where you left off.

The early years of life are crucial for cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Early Childhood Education and Care play a fundamental role in many aspects:

  • Development of Basic Skills: during early childhood, basic skills such as language, literacy, numeracy, and social skills are acquired. Quality education during early childhood provides a solid foundation upon which to build knowledge and skills for the future.
  • Promotion of Socio-Emotional Well-being: early Childhood Education and Care is not only about academic learning but also about socio-emotional development. Children learn to relate to others, manage their emotions, and develop self-esteem and confidence.
  • Prevention of School Dropout: students who have received quality education and care during early childhood are more likely to be motivated and engaged in learning in subsequent school years.

By contributing to our survey, you have the opportunity to support an innovative European project that highlights the importance of early childhood education and contributes to positive change by influencing educational policies in Europe.

About the project

SCIREARLY – Policies and Practices based on Scientific Research for Reducing Underachievement and Early School Leaving in Europe is a project funded by the Horizon Europe program, Call Inclusiveness in times of changeResearch and Innovation Action.


For further information

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Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

As part of the KRPAN project – Strengthening Research Support and Activities for Progress on European Research Projects), Živa Semolič – project officer from ZRS Koper, Slovenia – joined a dynamic study visit hosted by CESIE ETS in Palermo. Visit aimed to enhance international collaboration and gain insights into organisational processes, project development, networking, administrative and financial project management.