The Student business idea development roadmap is the basis of the Makeademy program

Thursday 17 November 2022

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We are envisioning the Makeademy learning program as a journey through which university students, especially those enrolled in engineering study programmes, with the support of teachers and facilitators, can experience the development of a business idea in a practical way using a mix of learning methods and prototyping techniques.

The first result of the Makeademy project is a Student business idea development roadmapwhich aims to provide guidance to Higher Education Institutions to implement the Makeademy study module into the university study programs and organize it according to their needs.

The roadmap describes step by step methods used, topics covered, and other training practices developed by our team for full implementation of the program.

Makeademy’s partners are at the same time engaged in the creation of learning materials that cover two main areas and will develop soft and technical skills of the students:

1) Transdisciplinary oriented study materials applicable to a wide range of engineering disciplines, in which engineers are involved in the development of all phases of a product life cycle;

2) Study materials aimed to develop the hardware production skills of university students and various types of prototyping through the use of various materials.

The Makademy study module will be available online through the e-learning platform and will be tested during an intensive learning program that will take place in Lithuania, at the VILNIUS TECH LinkMenų Fabrikas in 2023.

On 3 and 4 October Makeademy’s partners met for the second international project meeting in Barcelona, ​​hosted by Fab Lab Barcellona.The meeting was an opportunity to visit one of the most important Fab Labs in Europe and exchange experiences to improve the training program.

About the project

MAKEADEMY is cofinanced by EACEA, Erasmus+, KA2: Strategic Partnerships for higher education.


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