SeasonREADY: preferences of small and medium hospitality and tourism enterprises

Friday 15 November 2019

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SeasonREADY: preferences of small and medium hospitality and tourism enterprises

15 November 2019Adult

The Multiplier Event took place on 8th November 2019 at Villa Cattolica, an eighteenth-century palace hosting the municipal gallery of modern and contemporary art, considered one of the main tourist destinations in the province of Palermo, Sicily.

The organisation was particularly successful thanks to Confesercenti’s experience in the sector, which enabled them to leverage their existing broad network of key stakeholders, ensuring great participation and profitable interaction among participants. As a result, 52 local participants representing regional policy makers, professional associations, VET providers, job agencies and public and private bodies enthusiastically attended the event, together with 5 international promoters and touristic operators from the UK, Poland, Hungary, Serbia and Portugal.

During the morning session, Corinna Scaletta from Confesercenti presented the project’s partnership, objectives and final outputs, and introduced the audience to the results of SeasonREADY transnational research on training needs and preferences of small and medium hospitality and tourism enterprises in the partner countries. A panel of experts and professionals were also invited to animate the discussion based on their direct experience in the sector, providing good examples of successful implementation of work-based learning (WBL) methods and approaches. In the afternoon, participants were actively involved in a series of workshops, including training activities and group exercises targeting employers, managers, trainers and seasonal workers with the aim to brainstorm on how to sustainably use and exploit the project results. Following this, the actual application of the WBL approach was discussed among participants, who shared their concrete experiences and had the chance to pose questions, exchange contacts and network with Confesercenti and CESIE and other stakeholders about potential ideas for further collaborations in the tourism sector.

At the end of the event, participants were asked to complete an evaluation questionnaire in order to assess the extent to which the event facilitated the development of new partnerships and increased professional networks, in addition to determining if project’s outputs can potentially help them improve their knowledge and met sectorial expectations.

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SeasonReady – Work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers is a two and a half year project co-financed by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union carried out by six partners.


The partnership holds together 6 organisation:

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