Cultivating fundamental rights & preventing offending behaviours

We promote innovative, community-based initiatives aimed at promoting fundamental rights and preventing and contrasting offending and criminal behaviors both online and offline, including hate speech and radicalization, through the envisioning and encouragement of alternative narratives.




We strongly believe in working on a multilevel approach:



Raising awareness

for both victims,perpetrators and the general public.

Building the capacity of people

including practitioners and professionals, young people, perpetrators and online users.. .



Building networks

Consolidating and building collaboration networks.






Multi-stakeholder approach

We bring together multiple actors and through alternative narratives we create broad coalitions in favour of fundamental rights and against radicalization, hate speech and other offending and criminal behaviors. We encourage public administrations, private actors, civil society organizations, citizens and schools to collectively contrast offending behaviors. For instance, we make collective efforts to bring human rights in line with the online as active members of the INACH network - International Network Against Cyber Hate.

Multi-level approach

We firmly believe in the need to work on multiple levels by building societies respectful of fundamental rights based on comprehensive data collection and analysis, awareness raising and advocacy actions and by promoting education for the fight against offending and criminal behaviors.

Community-based approach

We put communities and people at the center of transformation processes. Promoting civic engagement, participation and co-creative approaches is vital to ensure tailored responses. . Creating alliances within the civil society is also vital to change dominating narratives and oppressing cultures at their roots.

Non-formal education

We also employ non-formal education methodologies and approaches such as gaming, arts and creativity to encourage people’s engagement and foster personal and collective growth through critical thinking.


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Interactive resources and content

SAFE HUT – Press release

SAFE HUT – Press release

The first press release foregrounds the SafeHut initiative’s goal of creating safe spaces for women and girls (WGSS) as a vital strategy for the protection and empowerment of women and girls who are victims or survivors of trafficking.

SAFE HUT – Newsletter

SAFE HUT – Newsletter

Safe Hut’s newsletter presents the project’s goals and next steps with respect to the empowerment of third-country women and girls exposed to trafficking.

JERICHO – Guide for parents

JERICHO – Guide for parents

The JERICHO’s Parents’ Guide is an informational tool aimed at guiding families in responding to potential or confirmed cases of sexual exploitation in prostitution of minors.

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