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11 April 2019School

How to foster social inclusion of migrant children at schools in the Mediterranean area?

Thanks to the MEDIS project, schools will be a better place for fostering the social inclusion of migrant students in six European countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal) consolidating social cohesion and intercultural education both in primary and secondary schools.

Based on the MEDIS Programme, a capacity building (CB) course has been created for developing a training for school educators concerning effective methodologies, teaching techniques, tools and activities to be implemented in schools for more inclusive educative environments in Europe.

On the 3° MEDIS consortium meeting held in Sofia – Bulgaria (3th and 4th April 2019), partners met up to review the contents developed and discussing next steps for the implementation of the upcoming CB session. The whole training is two folds: an online course and face-to-face sessions.

An online platform has already been created for the online course where the training materials have already been uploaded, based on good practices related to inclusive intercultural methodologies collected at each national level.

These online resources are made available one the MEDIS MOOC, accessible by many teachers all over Europe.


During the face to face sessions, an introductory overview and practical aspects are being provided to teachers in order to successfully implement the pilot action foreseen by the MEDIS programme during next school years (September 2019 – December 2020).

Now many schools decided to be on board of the MEDIS project! This because the MEDIS partners signed agreements of collaboration with the educative systems interested both in the CB course and future pilot actions in the framework of the MEDIS Programme.

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About the project

MEDIS – Mediterranean Inclusive School is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under the Key Action 3 Support for policy reforms – Social inclusion through education, training and youth.


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