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Teacher Training for the Detection of Drug Use among Adolescents in Europe

The Comenius E-NEEDD “European Network on Exchange Early Detection Drugs Consumption” online course is focused on drug abuse and its prevention. The main target is high school teachers.

The final purpose is helping high school teachers prevent and detect drug consumption among students. Each participant will be given an official UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) Certificate.

The project starts in April and finishes in June 2010, while registration closes in March 2010.

The basic and introductive level lasts two months , for a total of 50 hours (=2 ETCS) / 8 weeks = 6 hours a week.

The course with be online distance-learning, on the ALF collaborative platform (by UNED). Participants are from all registered countries, so it is important to have a good command of English, both in writing and reading. The online course is managed by a group of assistant – teachers whose work consists in making it more dynamic, giving individual online assistance and evaluating either tests or projects realized by students.

Students will complete activities and exercises and send them to teaching staff. At the end of the course will be a final evaluation.

The course is divided into four modules, and each one contains four units: Basic concepts of drug consumption, abuse and addiction, family prevention, community prevention, school prevention.

For further information: luisa.ardizzone@cesie.org

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