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  • To support EU Member States, municipalities and regions in carrying out effective policy reforms in the field of Youth.
  • To empower young people through the acquisition of necessary skills and knowledge, by encouraging to become engaged and actively participate in EU Youth policy matters.
  • To provide in-depth knowledge about the perceived needs of Young Europeans in learning, teaching, training or youth work situations and effective methodologies and tools that help policy makers to develop initiatives in line with the target population’s collected needs.


  • Leading of Benchmarking process for the establishment of a data dashboard and visualization of EU Youth Policy achievements using innovative technologies.
  • Establishing a set of indicators measuring the “performance” of local authorities in youth policy fields and foster the exchange of good practices.
  • Producing an e-tool to close the gap between youth and institutions by collecting the perceived needs of youth in key policy areas and providing guidelines to public institutions that help address them.
  • Effective implementation, by policy makers, of the guidelines provided by “YouthMetre”.


  • YouthMetre e-tool interactive maps and infographics on European youth.
  • State of the Art Report, on needs of Young Europeans in learning, teaching, training or youth work situations.
  • Good Practices map (in YouthMetre e-tool).
  • Set of indicators measuring the performance in youth policy fields.
  • YouthMetre Training for Multipliers.
  • YouthMetre Guidelines addressed at Youth policymakers.


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

01/01/2016 – 30/06/2018

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+ Key Action (KA3): Support for policy reform, Prospective Initiatives Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects – YOUTH




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