WANNE – We all need new engagement


  • To foster participation and inclusion of TCNs in receiving societies and change the narrative on migration
  • To enable TCNs to find engagement and to formulate political demands on human dignity, solidarity, integration and inclusion
  • To foster solidarity, integration and inclusion through workshops on human dignity and sensitive values


  • Transnational good practice report on integration of TCNs in civil society and communities
  • Study visit in Sicily and Symposium in Brussels
  • Online database for sharing information and experiences
  • National partnership fairs
  • Transnational experience exchange, national trainings and workshops


  • Researching of good practices on integration of TCNs in civil society and communities
  • Offering local trainings on advocacy tools for diaspora organisation and TCNs on participation on political processes
  • Implementing 68 workshops on human dignity and gender sensible values with 10 participants per country
  • Organising national partnership fairs on participation in civil society with 30 participants per country


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Date of project

01/01/2018- 30/12/2019

DG of reference

DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) – Integration of third-country nationals

Department & Unit


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