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A project that aims to learn more about how to promote digital literacy and tackle misinformation in European classrooms!


Digital literacy and tackling disinformation are among the top three digital skills needed for the 21st century. Teachers need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to empower their students to think critically, make informed choices online and stay safe whilst continuously building their resilience in the digital world. Teachers 4.0 Digital is a large-scale capacity-building action for the initial training and continuous professional development of teachers across Europe.


  • Development of a comprehensive curriculum that will guide teachers and educators in the ways they may teach their students the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age.
  • Design of a University course on the topic of combating disinformation and digital literacy: In addition to integrating elements of digital literacy into all initial teacher education courses, a specific course on combating disinformation, building resilience, as well as digital and information literacy will be developed as a separate course.
  • Development of an e-Learning platform for the upskilling of thousands of primary and secondary school education teachers and educators that will offer the Teachers 4.0 Digital course in a blended learning format in six European languages: Bulgarian, English, Greek, Italian, Polish and Romanian.


  • Seminars for in-service teachers on using the digital world
  • Training courses for university students on digital literacy and disinformation
  • Development of a digital platform
  • Development of policy recommendations


  • University course design ‘Teacher 4.0’ in the digital age
  • Teaching and supplementary learning material for teachers
  • Development of the eLearning platform “Teacher 4.0 in the digital age
  • Delivery of the university course for pre-service teachers
  • Delivery of training seminars for pre-service teachers
  • Development of policy recommendations
  • Newsletter


The ultimate aim of the project is the delivery of a large-scale upskilling activity involving over 2.100 in-service teachers/educators and teachers-to-be in the countries involved to help them:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills related to digital literacy,
  • Update their knowledge on contemporary media used by children and adolescents,
  • Change their attitudes towards the role, importance and future implications of contemporary media
  • Strengthen their commitment to promote digital literacy in their classrooms.
  • The project aims to create a wider impact by initiating a public debate with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, contributing to a policy reform on digital literacy education at national and European levels, and providing a comprehensive capacity-building framework for teachers on issues relating to tackling disinformation and promoting digital literacy.


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Teachers 4.0 – Teachers 4.0 Digital Age

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01/12/2023 – 30/11/2026

Istituzione Finanziatrice

ERASMUS-EDU-2023-PI-FORWARD (Partnerships for Innovation – Forward Looking Projects)



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