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Comprehensive programme and multifaceted actions to prevent and tackle gender-based violence in and through sports to educate and empower sports professionals and stakeholders to actively address it.


In both the European and international contexts, there are numerous gaps in preventing and tackling gender-based violence (GBV) within sports environments. The lack of knowledge about what GBV in sports is, the scarcity of targeted resources to respond, and the tendency to underestimate the problem are real threats. According to the “Recommendations and Action Plan of the High-Level Group on Gender Violence in Sport” (2022) women athletes in all sectors of sports including recreational, competitive, and elite have been exposed to violence and sexual harassment. Moreover, the LGBTQIA+ community has experienced homophobia or transphobia in sports that has impacted their capacity to engage and participate in it (ILGA Europe: 2021). While most attention centres on the more general issues of (gender) (in)equality and (gender) discrimination in sports, problems related to gender-based violence tend to be ignored. Sport GVP aims to respond to the lack of useful action programs and tools by providing new and targeted gender-specific ones, bridging the gap of the lack of knowledge and fostering awareness and sensitization for professionals, organisations, and people involved in the world of sports, with a focus on youth.


  • To study, analyse and document the entities and forms of GBV in sports in the countries involved to support informed decisions and policies to address it;
  • To build the capacity of professionals, organisations, and stakeholders on gender issues and Gender-Based Violence from a preventive and protective perspective in order for them to engage, educate and inform athletes on such issues;
  • To support and guide sports organisations and federations to introduce prevention and protection mechanisms against GBV;
  • To raise awareness about GBV in sports and in society and the need to offer safe sports environments for athletes;
  • To strengthen cooperation and exchange of good practices between Institutions and organisations active in the field of sports, gender and GBV;
  • To provide learners with an interactive learning experience through the use of engaging tools, including gaming features.


  • Mapping existing practices and available materials on gender, gender (in)equity, and gender-based violence in sports;
  • Creation of an interactive training package to build up the capacity of sports professionals to prevent and tackle GBV in and through sports;
  • Blended-learning workshops for sports professionals, staff of sports organisations and federations on GBV;
  • Seminar presenting the policies and practices to prevent and address GBV in Sports to representatives of sports organisations, federations and relevant stakeholders;
  • Develop a digital gamified eLearning platform with resources to address GBV in sports;
  • Organisation of local InfoDays;
  • Final Conference in conjunction with the MOVE Congress.


  • Curriculum on Gender-Based Violence in Sports
  • Toolkit for Sport Professionals
  • Guide on Prevention Policies and Practices for Sports Officers & Executives
  • eLearning Platform
  • Digital & Media Campaign


  • Improved understanding of sports professionals of key aspects of gender, gender (in)equality and forms and expressions of GBV, including raising awareness to and avoiding any form of harm to athletes, identifying abusive behaviour or harassment and addressing these issues.
  • Institutionalisation of safeguarding practices against GBV in sports organisations and federations.
  • Improved opportunities for well-being within sports settings and opportunities to build safe spaces for all involved, free from discrimination and GBV.
  • Increased awareness of gender-related issues and the prevention of discriminatory and violent phenomena in sports environments.


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Sport GVP – Preventing Gender Based Violence in and through Sport

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