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  • To recognise and increase the acquisition of skills and competencies such as discipline, team-work and perseverance through informal learning activities in sport.
  • To support sport clubs which practice grass-root sport in order to increase their services and engage young people in sport.
  • To promote dialogue and exchange of best practices by integrating sport competencies in everyday practice.
  • To support inter-cultural dialogue, sense of belonging and participation through key sport competencies contributing to social cohesion and integrated societies.


  • Gap analysis through desk and field research on the current sport situation to assess target’s needs.
  • Creation of SAVE online platform.
  • Creation of SAVE curriculum for trainers.
  • Implementation of a pilot training of community coaches and students.
  • Creation of SAVE Training KIT.


  • Increased sport skills and competencies in youth and trainers within the participant countries.
  • Created and piloted curriculum and training for coaches and students.
  • Enhanced network for coaches, youngster and parents through online platform for sport structures and courses.
  • Promoted and increased engaging in sport, inter-cultural dialogue and sense of belonging in youth.


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The project

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Date of the project

01/01/2018 – 01/07/2020

DG of reference

DG EAC, Education and Training, Erasmus+ Sport: Support to Collaborative Partnerships




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