REC – Reflect Experiment Capture Experimental Filmmaking to Prevent Violence and Empower Disadvantaged Young People


  • To develop technical competences in experimental videomaking through peer learning among youth.
  • To promote innovative schemes to prevent violence among youth using experimental videos.
  • To exchange good practices in the fields of non-formal education, media and violence prevention between social youth workers from Italy, Spain, Germany, Indonesia and Kenya.


  • Documentary film illustrating the way to experimental films.
  • 25 experimental videos from all partner countries.
  • Guide about the way to experimental filmmaking.
  • Video Curation Platform to collect project outputs.


  • Training activity in Spain on experimental video and violence prevention for youth workers.
  • European Voluntary Services from 3 young people from Indonesia and Kenya to Spain, Italy and Germany.
  • 25 workshops on experimental filmmaking with 75 young filmmakers.
  • International Experimental Video Festival in Indonesia.
  • 10 workshops between filmmakers and external organizations interested in replicating the REC model.


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Info & contacts

Date of the project

01/12/2018 – 30/11/2020

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Youth

Department & Unit

  • Youth
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