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  • Support the inclusion of young migrants and refugees into the labour market by adopting an interactive, integrated, individualised three-pronged approach comprising 1) AI skill assessment, 2) a customised course plan, 3) practical guidance and support for offering workshops in the local communities.
  • Allow young migrants and refugees to learn new skills via a learning plan tailored to their needs, to re-assess their skills and start a potential career as educators/trainers.
  •  Assist youth workers in providing customised coaching by leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology in the form of a scalable, extensible and reusable framework that will easily adapt for their own use cases


  • Design and development of an AI Assessment & Coaching tool, which will be integrated in the consortium’s previous project e-VELP and will offer customised learning plans as well as recommendations for workshop topics
  • Organisation of two e-VELP trainings extended with the developed AI Assessment & Coaching tool addressing young migrants and youth workers.
  • Creation of a framework in the format of open access publication in order to allow other youth programs to integrate the AI Assessment tool into their work


  • AI Assessment & Coaching tool
  • AI Assessment & Coaching Framework


  • 15 young migrants/refugees will use the AI Assessment Tool;
  • 30 workshops will be offered to local communities;
  • 10 youth workers will learn how to use and integrate the project results in their work and programs for young migrants/refugees;  
  • 5 educational programs will integrate the project results;
  • 76200 individuals, 500 youth organisations and 43 national/EU/international/youth/educational networks reached by the project;
  • 50 youth organisations or educational institutes are estimated to integrate the project results into their programs.


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Raise – Young Refugees’ AI Student Empowerment Program

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01/05/2022 - 01/11/2024

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Erasmus + KA220-YOU - Cooperation partnerships in youth


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