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Supporting the integration of young migrants and refugees into the labour market by adopting an approach based on skills assessment, the design of a customised curriculum and practical guidance and support for the provision of workshops in local contexts.


The unemployment gap between native-born and young people and refugees/migrants remains significant (Eurostat,2020). A number of important factors contribute to the successful inclusion of young migrants/refugees in the European labour market, including 1) skills assessment, 2) educational programmes, 3) networking and introduction into the labour market.

The experience of the previous Erasmus+ project of the consortium “Young Volunteer Educators e-Learning Programme” (eVELP) confirmed the need for personalised skills assessments and learning plans for young refugees/migrants, and also showed the difficulties faced by youth workers and youth workers in training, difficulties especially related to overly generic learning plans.

This highlights the need for an approach that integrates a personalised learning plan with a skills assessment and a transition from education to the labour market.


  • Support the inclusion of young migrants and refugees into the labour market by adopting an interactive, integrated, individualised three-pronged approach comprising 1) AI skill assessment, 2) a customised course plan, 3) practical guidance and support for offering workshops in the local communities.
  • Allow young migrants and refugees to learn new skills via a learning plan tailored to their needs, to re-assess their skills and start a potential career as educators/trainers.
  •  Assist youth workers in providing customised coaching by leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology in the form of a scalable, extensible and reusable framework that will easily adapt for their own use cases


  • Design and development of an AI Assessment & Coaching tool, which will be integrated in the consortium’s previous project e-VELP and will offer customised learning plans as well as recommendations for workshop topics
  • Organisation of two e-VELP trainings extended with the developed AI Assessment & Coaching tool addressing young migrants and youth workers.
  • Creation of a framework in the format of open access publication in order to allow other youth programs to integrate the AI Assessment tool into their work


  • AI Assessment & Coaching tool
  • AI Assessment & Coaching Framework
  • Press release


  • 15 young migrants/refugees will use the AI Assessment Tool;
  • 30 workshops will be offered to local communities;
  • 10 youth workers will learn how to use and integrate the project results in their work and programs for young migrants/refugees;  
  • 5 educational programs will integrate the project results;
  • 76200 individuals, 500 youth organisations and 43 national/EU/international/youth/educational networks reached by the project;
  • 50 youth organisations or educational institutes are estimated to integrate the project results into their programs.


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Raise – Young Refugees’ AI Student Empowerment Program

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01/05/2022 – 01/11/2024

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Erasmus + KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth



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