PROCEED – PROmoting the Civic Engagement and Employability of Disadvantaged Youth

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Promoting socio-economic inclusion of young people who are not working or enroled in training, through increased civic engagement and professional and transversal skills acquisition.


Adolescence and transition to adulthood are challenging phases, that could affect young people’s psychosocial identities. Difficulties tend to increase when facing unemployment, school drop-out or lack of educational training, and this has a negative impact on young people’s socio-economic inclusion within the local community. Most of the young people who have not equiped with proper skills to enter the labour-market tend to lack motivation and have no trust in future opportunities. Germany, Greece, Italy (recording up to 24,5%) and Cyprus face the highest youth unemployment rates aged 18-24 at European level (Eurostat, 2021).

Within this framework, youth workers and organizations committed to promote youth participation play a key role in the engagement, support, inclusion of young people living in vulnerable conditions and with increased risk of social marginalization.

The civic participation at a local level on the one hand, and the trasversal skill acquisition on the other hand can be effective tools to facilitate youth access to labour-market and to strenghten their sense of community.


  • Build the capacity of youth workers in the field of civic engagement and employability of young people without employment and education through training, follow-up support and opportunities for peer to peer exchange via the study visits and the community of practice;
  • Strengthen the youth employability you through the development of market-relevant job readiness skills and transversal skills including self-advocacy and civic engagement opportunities through the roll-out and testing of the model in 4 parner countries;
  • Increase national and transnational cooperation to promote social and economic inclusion of young people without employment and educational opportunities among organisations and practitioners active in the field of youth employment and civic engagement through the dissemination of
  • project, transnational meetings, multiplier events, peer-to-peer exchange and networking opportunities


  • Youth and youth worker consultation to incorporate feedback in design of activities within the partner country-specific context;
  • Delivery of national trainings for youth workers;
  • Bilateral study visits for youth workers within the partner countries;
  • Transnational Learning and Exchange Workshop for youth workers;
  • Peer to peer and follow-up support to youth workers.
  • Outreach and enrolment of youth pilot in partner countries;
  • Delivery of market relevant job-readiness training to youth;
  • Self-advocacy workshops and activities, civic engagement opportunities for youth
  • Final Transnational learning workshop in Greece for youth workers;


  • Report on needs collected following youth and youth workers consultation to design the next activities;
  • Toolkit for youth workers divided in 3 sections: civic education, employability and self-advocacy;
  • Report on local good practices;
  • Online repository and forum for exchange and sharing of resources among trained youth workers.


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PROCEED – PROmoting the Civic Engagement and Employability of Disadvantaged Youth

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01/12/2023 – 30/11/2025

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Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Cooperation partnerships in youth.



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