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  • To offer opportunities for Sicilian young people to take part in mobility projects and intercultural exchanges.
  • To increase the personal, socio-cultural and professional perspectives of the Sicilian young people involved in the mobility activities.
  • Disseminate the value of active citizenship.
  • To strengthen participants’ soft skills, language, social and professional skills.


  • Organisation and implementation of 12 nobilities, lasting 4 weeks, aimed at young NEETs resident or domiciled in Sicily, aged from 18 to 36 in France and the United Kingdom;
  • Training pre-departure to prepare for experience abroad and define personalised work plans that will take into account the needs and requirements of each participant;
  • Mobility in France (Montcombroux-Les-Mines): To organise work camps involving volunteers from all over the world in local centres and communities and to take part in socio-cultural and environmental events for children, young people and the elderly from the community;
  • Mobility in the United Kingdom (Millbrook, Cornwall): Rural activities (organic farming, gardening, maintenance activities); environmental education activities; social and cultural activities for children, young and elderly. To organise cultural events for the community;
  • Final evaluation after the motilities, to reflect and elaborate on the experiences and acquired skills, through a final 2-day workshop led by 2 experienced trainers.


  • Participants’ blog, where young people will be the key actors, sharing their mobility experience and promoting the value of active citizenship.
  • Certificate of the soft skills acquired through participation in the different stages of the project, to be attached to the CVs of the participants.


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

21/12/2017 – 20/08/2018

DG of reference

APQ “Giovani protagonisti di sé e del territorio (CreAZIONI giovani)”, line 5 “Giovani in Europa”, Sicilian Region.




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