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  • To spread the holistic education by underlining the importance of soft-skills in formal education through
  • To emphasize the importance for the educators to get to know the students’ various learning characteristics, strengths and needs in order to enable their active participation in the curriculum
  • To diversify the curriculum and adopt different teaching methods
  • To stimulate and empower students leading to successful learning through the use of their diverse strengths


  • Learning Teaching Activities: Developing pedagogical skills to enhance learning
  • Learning Teaching Activities: Developing game-based learning
  • Enriching the Mosaic website with the new resources (activities and games) created by the teachers during the LTTA


  • Resource Packs of 48 activities. The activities are based on different teaching methodologies are catalogued according to Gardner’s multiple intelligences
  • Creation of at least 3 games to encourage game-based learning.
  • Website development: the adding of new features, sections and information to the Mosaic website


  • Educators of primary and secondary schools trained on learning styles and Gardner’ multiple intelligences
  • Educators of primary and secondary schools trained on game-based learning and non-formal education
  • 250 persons reached by the multiplier event in each country
  • Enhanced skills of individual students based on their strengths


Il progetto

MOSAIC+ Person-centred resources

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Data di attuazione

01/01/2022 – 01/01/2024

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Type KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education BANDO 2021 – Round 1Cont




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