I.T.A.L.I.A. 2014 – Migliorare la disponibilità degli strumenti di formazione e apprendimento

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  • To improve the efficiency standards of the procedures for the exchange of information between the so called “front desk SPOC” (Single Point of Contact for police cooperation) and S.I.ReN.E. bureau (branch of the Criminal Police Directorate in charge for transferring information to Schengen Information System)
  • To optimize the cooperation among International Police units
  • To decrease the distance between decision-makers and experts in this field through the discussion and the evaluation of practical problems addressed directly by professionals
  • To propose common methodologies for a more efficient exchange of information among the bodies involved in cross border actions


  • Implementation of a staff exchange programme aimed at improving the knowledge of police officers working in different points of contacts existing at EU level (60 Italian police officers, 10 police officers from Latvia and Malta and 58 from other EU countries will participate in a 3 -day visit in another country)
  • Implementation of two different 2 days workshops to be held in Italy and Latvia, involving 144 participants representing the EU relevant experts in each sector involved in the staff exchange programme
  • Presentation of the proposals in two thematic conferences to be held in Italy and Latvia for implementing the initiatives during the Italian and Latvian Presidency of the EU in the second semester of 2014 and the first semester 2015


  • Training the Italian staff working in the International Police Cooperation
  • Drafting the national regulation for implementing appropriate measures in order to enhance the response to foreign request of police cooperation in some crucial fields such as the protection/repatriation of missing minors
  • Including new common methods, agreed during workshops and conferences, as recommendations in the current 2 EU catalogues after approval of the EU Council Schengen Evaluation


  • Coordinator: Central Directorate of Criminal Police (Italy)
  • International Police Cooperation DEPT Latvia (Latvia)
  • International Relation Unit of Malta (Malta)

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01/01/2014 – 31/12/2015

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DG Home Affairs, Prevention of and fight against crime (ISEC)



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